Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Angel Karamoy

Angel Karamoy Seru Punya Mainan Baru
Rachman Haryanto -

Steve, Angel, Lovely (ist.
Jakarta Angel Karamoy currently increasingly felt at home in the house.
He admitted to having the new toy.
"Usually would he who was the toy," said Angel while glancing at Steven Rumangkang the intimate husband.
Apparently Angel's new toy was Lovely Rumangkang, his sweetheart with Steve, the close greeting the husband.
Since having the child, Angel claimed more felt at home in the house.
It was just natural, Lovely just was 2 months old and often was not yet asked to go on a trip.
"I also not once ninggalin Lovely very old, it seems missed continued."
Most if going 2-3 hours.
After that pengen hurriedly came home, explained Angel was met in ballroom the Ritz Carlton hotel, Pasific Place, Southern Jakarta, on Monday (19/5/2008) the night.
Not only the descendants's Manado woman who was exciting had the child, Steve also was like this.
Although must get up tonight, all continue to dilakoni Steve happily.
"Now has step on 2 months, so I has was used to stay up all night healthy," said Steve.
Both of them then hoped could continue gave HEED exclusive for Lovely.
If could Steve wanted his wife to continue gave HEED best until Lovely was 2 years old.

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