Saturday, April 5, 2008

Desi Ratnasari Confused without Nasi

Rachman Haryanto
- source
Desy Ratnasari (fta/hot)
Jakarta, Biasa lived comfortable and was guaranteed made Desi Ratnasari have difficulty experience fully what it is like to be the poor person.
There were no rice, Desi then confusion.
This was felt by Desi when must play the leading figure Ms Ardan in the 'Kun Fa Yakun' film.
Desi played the leading figure of a determined masses till finally his life changed drastic.
"I the difficulty played the role when must be able to berekspresi today will have rice, tomorrow not had rice," said Desi was met in Setiabudi Building, Street.
H.R Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Southern Jakarta, on Saturday (5/4/2008).
Again, Desi got the role of the protagonist who it was felt really agrees with his condition now.
Must not play the youth film to generate again the Desi acting expertise.
"Because indeed I has not possibly was in films the youth love."
Because I has the age.
Better what was done by me could be useful, the Desi prayer wise.

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