Sunday, March 16, 2008

Donita Noni Anissa Ramadhani

Donita Noni Anissa Ramadhani
the Bandung Woman, West Java, on February 14 1989
The biography: Donita had the complete name of Noni Anissa Ramadhani, was born in Bandung, West Java, on February 14 1989.
He was known as the model star, the film and the wide screen.
The star that had become the Shampoo Zinc advertisement model, Tisu Tessa had starred in several films, among them the Fitri LOVE, BENCI JADI CINTA, MAK COMBLANG, SUMPAH GUE LOVE LO, MAKIN LOVE, DEWA Asmara.
Moreover the star of FTV CINTA 100% and WHEN AKU PUNYA PACAR headed his action in pangung the film in 2007, throug

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