Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kiki Kiki Fatmala

Kiki Kiki Fatmala
Jakarta, on October 26 1969

The biography:
Kiki Fatmala was born in Jakarta, on October 26 1969.
He was known as the photograph of the model, the film star, and received the nickname as the 'sex bomb' in the Indonesian film site in his period.
Kiki that originally aspired to want to become the attendant, star in debut his film of the DI BALIK TIRAI GAME, that at the same time mengandaslah his feelings originally.
Following afterwards 'his hot' films with scenes syur him.
So also, his profession as the photograph of the model, also placed himself as the star that often posed the section.
Together with quiet him the national film industry, in 1992, Kiki entered the world of the glasses screen and several films were starred in by him, one of them was serial the comedy had ADA SAJA. Namanya then increasingly popular when himself played a role as the section's ghost in serial THE MANIS JEMBATAN ANCOL.
It was related that his privacy, Kiki had been involved in hostility with his mother, Fatma Farida, that so many for a long time was kept being separated by him.
Fatma Farida that was separated that, accused Kiki as the rebellious child and did not acknowledge him as his child.
Fatma Farida admitted to being disappointed with Kiki's attitude during still was popular that never mengubris his advice.
On the end of his hostility of Kiki finally came to terms with his mother in fact had tried bring together with his

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